My name is Mickaël Larchevêque and I am a Designer and Leader based in London, UK. Former Creative Director at Amazon with more than 19 years of experience, I've recently spent 5 years at Dalziel & Pow designing Digital Experiences in the physical world. I am now working at Rehab, a Digital innovation agency where we focus on Web3, AI and sustainability.

Designing for me is about finding solutions, with a user and customer-centric mindset. Curious by nature, I have always explored and experimented with creativity through a multidisciplinary lens. My high attention to detail allows me to connect the dots and improve experiences as well as ways of operating from day one.

Leading is the ability to inspire, challenge and innovate. Empowering, supporting, and growing teams towards success. And it is incredibly rewarding.

My ambition is to continue delivering meaningful and emotional products, stories and experiences for people while driving impactful innovation that will shape the future.


Selected clients

Google, Diageo, Volkswagen, Rado, Breguet, Philips, Disney, Nespresso, Nike, Ford, Tag Heuer, Twinings and many more.

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